What are the Baha’i laws?
The Baha’i teachings include laws and prescriptions for the spiritual and moral life of the individual and for the governance and development of society. The laws for one’s personal life include, among others, daily prayer, observance of an annual period of fasting, the education of children, abstention from partisan politics, and the obligation to engage in a trade or profession. Other moral and ethical principles include prohibitions against backbiting, extramarital sex, gambling, and the non-medical use of alcohol or drugs.

How do Australian Baha’is relate to law and order and politics?
Australian Baha’is take civic responsibilities seriously and uphold the authority of the national and state governments through loyalty and obedience to the laws of their country. Although we participate in all elections for government, we abstain from partisanship, and don’t join political parties or factions. Baha’is serve the Federal and State governments in administrative posts but do not accept political appointments or run for elected office.