Other Religions in Australia

How do Australian Baha'is relate to other religions?
Baha'u'llah called upon the Baha'is to associate with the followers of all religions in a spirit of friendliness and fellowship. Australian Baha'is have long been active in the inter-faith movement, promoting harmony and understanding between the religions. Baha'is don't have any intrinsic conflict with other religious communities because we believe all the revealed faiths originate from the same Source, God, and are essentially one.

Is the Baha'i Faith syncretistic?
No. The Baha'i Faith is not syncretistic and does not combine elements of other religions. It is an independent religion with its own scriptures, laws and teachings. It does, however, recognise the divine origin of the other major religions.

What is the relationship of the Baha'i Faith to Islam?
The Baha'i Faith is an independent religion with its own laws, teachings and institutions. The Founder, Baha'u'llah, was born into a Muslim family and society. Thus, in much the same way as Christianity grew out of Judaism, the Baha'i Faith emerged from an Islamic context. Baha'is are not Muslims and the Baha'i Faith is not a sect or offshoot of Islam or any other faith.