How do Australian Baha’is spread their beliefs?
Australian Baha’is welcome inquiries and new members. We arrange meetings for inquirers to ask questions and, if asked, will discuss the teachings one-to-one.
Baha’u’llah stated that each Baha’i has the duty to share the Faith with others but forbade the practice of proselytising. Baha’is don’t push their beliefs on others, or pressure anyone to join. Independent investigation of truth is a fundamental right and responsibility of each individual.

How do I become a Baha’i in Australia?
Anyone can become a Baha’i, and the Australian Baha’i Community welcomes new members. The process is a personal experience that comes after individual investigation and a heartfelt decision.  

A person becomes a Baha’i by independently recognising Baha’u’llah as the Messenger of God for this age and accepting His laws, teachings and administrative institutions.

In Australia, new Baha’is sign a declaration card for administrative purposes and contact the responsible Baha’i institution (normally the Local Baha’i Assembly) to inform it of their decision.