Social and sustainable development

Our approach to development stems from the understanding that the purpose of development is to contribute to a new world order in which everyone can advance spiritually, intellectually and materially. Our development activities generally involve tapping the spiritual roots of human motivation to provide the impulse for genuine social and economic development.

Local Baha'i communities are encouraged to undertake social and economic development projects according to their capacities and local needs.

Most Baha'i social and economic development projects in Australia are small scale grassroots initiatives in which Baha'is work alongside their neighbours in addressing a problem or challenge faced by their local community or neighbourhood.  Undertaking small scale projects of this nature is an intrinsic aspect of our junior youth empowerment program.

The Australian Baha’i Community has engaged with other faiths in addressing the ethical dimensions of climate change and environmental sustainability.  We work with other organisations to bring about greater recognition of the role of women in development. We support efforts to build into poverty alleviation programs recognition of all the dimensions of human experience, including the material and spiritual dimensions of human life.

A selection of statements and submissions produced by the Australian Baha'i Community on issues related to social and sustainable development is available here.

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