Vision for the Future
The Baha’i vision of a united, peaceful world in the future reflects an understanding that humanity is approaching its maturity and has the capacity to create a global society founded on justice.
We believe a fundamental reshaping of society’s institutions and a new understanding of human nature is required to create conditions of global prosperity that will allow all nations and people to progress.
This task requires the participation of not just a select few but of all the peoples of the earth. It requires a commitment to the establishment of justice as the organizing principle of society.
Humanity now has within its grasp the tools to enable it to move beyond conflict and disunity into that long-awaited era of global peace that will allow the vision of prosperity to become a reality.
Today, the Baha’i community is working towards turning Baha’u’llah’s vision into reality. For an in-depth analysis of this question see The Prosperity of Humankind, a statement by the Baha’i International Community.