Human Rights
The Australian Baha’i Community undertakes a range of activities to promote human rights, from national to grassroots levels. We also engage in the human rights discourse in Australia. Our work is in line with the Baha’i belief that an equal standard of human rights must be recognised and adopted for all humanity as the basis for a just, prosperous and peaceful world.
We promote human rights education in Australia and uphold the rights of women, children, minorities and indigenous people. We mark special events like Human Rights Day, International Women’s Day and National Reconciliation Week.
We support efforts in Australia to implement the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We have a wide-ranging interest in the human rights machinery of the United Nations and engage with the Australian Government in regard to the work of the UN Human Rights Council, the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly and the Treaty bodies.
The Australian Baha’i Community often works with other Australian human rights organisations and is a member of the Australian Forum of Human Rights Organisations. We participate in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Attorney-General's NGO consultations on human rights as well as consultations on women’s rights convened by the Australian Government Office for Women.