New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory

The Baha’is of NSW and ACT are actively engaged in neighbourhood community development activities that are open to all, regardless of faith or background.

This includes providing spiritual empowerment programs for junior youth aged 11-14, spiritual education classes for children, gatherings that strengthen the devotional life of the community, and study circles on spiritual themes.
People and centres
The Baha'i community of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory is made up of thousands of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
New South Wales is home to Australia’s only Baha’i Temple, which is located at Ingleside overlooking Sydney’s northern beaches. Opened in 1961, the Baha’i Temple is a place of prayer and meditation that welcomes visitors of all backgrounds. The National Baha’i Office is located in the Temple grounds.
The Sydney Baha'i Centre is located at 107 Derby Street, Silverwater. Officially opened by NSW Governor Professor Marie Bashir in October 2003, it serves as a meeting place, a venue for community activities and an administrative centre for the Baha’is of New South Wales.
There is also a Baha’i Centre for the ACT which is located at 18 Hickey Court, Weston. It was opened by the Governor-General, Sir William Deane, in December 1998. The Baha’i Centre provides a focus for worship, educational, community and service activities. It symbolises the ideal of service to humanity integral to the Baha’i Faith.
Since 1938 there has been a Baha’i retreat and Centre of Learning at Yerrinbool, near Mittagong. It offers a wide range of educational programs for people of all ages.
There are 65 elected Assemblies that look after the affairs of the Baha’i community at the local level in most urban and regional centres in New South Wales, and one for the ACT.
The first Baha’is arrived in Sydney from the United States in April 1920. Clara and Hyde Dunn travelled extensively in New South Wales and inter-state in the ensuing years, giving talks and presentations on the Baha’i Faith and its teachings.
Oswald Whitaker, a Sydney optometrist, became the first Australian Baha’i in 1922 after meeting Hyde Dunn in Lismore. The first Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Sydney was formed in April 1925.
The first ACT Baha’i, Pym Trueman, came to Canberra in 1951. In 1952 a 15 year old girl, Miss Helen Mason, became the first person to become a Baha’i in Canberra. The first Local Spiritual Assembly was formed in April 1957.

Baha’i Temple

173 Mona Vale Road, Ingleside, NSW 2101

Tel: (02) 9998 9221
Yerrinbool Baha’i Centre of Learning

27 Sierra Street, Yerrinbool

Phone: (02) 4883 9231