Saphira, junior youth worker living in Brisbane
Empowering junior youth
“I work with young people between the ages of 12 and 15, an age group we call ‘junior youth’.
“A lot of people view this age group as a problem and just focused on themselves.
“But I see junior youth as a huge resource who can have an effect on their own age group and on adults. I think that if they take on a goal of improving the world, they will put all their energy into achieving it.”
Change agents

“To me, empowering young people means helping them realise the potential they have to contribute to the material and spiritual transformation of their neighbourhoods and to bring their communities together.
“These empowered young people will, I believe, set the standard of conduct and of selfless service for young and old. They will help to change the popular culture of their peers.
 “I believe empowerment springs from love, justice, knowledge, understanding, keen spiritual perception, strong powers of expression, sound moral structure and service.”
“I see being involved with junior youth as an act of service to help raise our emerging generation to be effective builders of a better world. Serving in such a way allows me to develop my own talents, characteristics and qualities and lets me grow alongside the junior youth/these young people.”
Daily activities
“I work with youth and junior youth every day. My role involves training facilitators of the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program, assisting with the formation of new groups, bringing people within the neighbourhood together and helping junior youth develop service projects.
“I find the program not only has a profound effect on young people, it also brings a neighbourhood to life.
Inspiring quotation
How can I succeed unless Thou assist me with the breath of the Holy Spirit, help me to triumph by the hosts of Thy glorious kingdom, and shower upon me Thy confirmations, which alone can change a gnat into an eagle, a drop of water into rivers and seas, and an atom into lights and suns? - Extract from a prayer by Abdu’l-Baha