The Australia Baha’i Community works to build community and advance the processes towards peace in Australia and the world.

We are dedicated to creating a peaceful and prosperous world civilisation that is based on justice and that provides all human beings with scope to cultivate and express their capacities.
Local Baha'i communities throughout Australia undertake a range of community development projects according to their resources and local needs.
The purpose of these endeavours is to address the spiritual and material needs of the community, and to build the capacity of individuals to participate in creating a better world.
The aim is empowerment from the grassroots up, not the prescription of solutions from the top down. The individual is placed at the centre of the development process.
Everyone is welcome to join in these projects. Contact us to find out about Baha'i social action in your area.

Facilities like the Tasmanian Baha'i Centre of Learning provide a focus for community development projects. Read more