Getting There

The Baha'i Temple is located at 173 Mona Vale Road, Ingleside, near Sydney's northern beaches.

The GPS address for the Temple should be entered as "Bahai Temple Way". To reach the Temple from the CBD by car, cross the Sydney Harbour Bridge or go through the Harbour Tunnel and take the Pacific Highway exit, turning right towards the Northern Beaches. Turn right from the Pacific Highway into Mona Vale Road at Pymble and follow it until you reach the Temple, which is signposted on the left hand side.

Public Transport


The Temple is not in walking distance from a train station. The most convenient station for getting to the Temple by public transport is Gordon Station. Bus services run from Gordon station to Mona Vale Rd (see below).

Information regarding train times and fares, and a map of Sydney’s suburban stations can be found here


The Baha'i Temple can be reached by bus routes 196 and 197.

Bus 196 originates from Gordon Station on the North Shore line. It runs past the Temple and continues onto Mona Vale Rd.

Bus 197 originates from Macquarie University. It runs via Gordon Station, past the Temple, and continues onto Mona Vale Rd. 

Information regarding bus times and a map of the bus routes can be found here.

Tickets for the bus can be purchased from surrounding convenience stores and are organised according to the distance, or “sections”, to be travelled.  The bus journey from Gordon Station to the Temple requires a 3-section ticket. For other bus connections, please consult the company’s website to determine what ticket to purchase.

Transport Information Line
Alternative travel routes to the Temple and general information regarding public transport in New South Wales can be found here or can be organised through the transport information hotline on 131 500.